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Welcome to

Welcome to the fifth edition of We are almost 6 months old and growing by leaps and bounds.

Repo Times is the first news source of the repossession service industry. Our timely news articles include important repossession law changes that effect the repossession service industry and current news events that are relevant to the repossession service industry. has received some great positive feedback from the repossession service industry on our first four editions of Repo-Times online news. We are working hard to bring the repossession service important information and well written news articles on the issues effecting the repossession service industry.

Subscribe now to Repo Times for free and post comments on news articles and letters to the Editor. We want to have an open dialogue on the repossession service industry news and look forward to receiving thoughts, suggestions, and ideas from anyone in the repossession service industry.

We hope you enjoy our fifth edition of our online repossession news service, and look forward to providing you interesting articles on the repossession service industry for years to come. In the next issue of Repo Times we are going to cover more skip tracing tips and repossession service asset remarketing.

Skip Tracing With Caller ID

Caller ID can be used as an excellent tool to skip trace individuals you are attempting to repossess. Face it, you have to know where your debtor lives or works if you are going to repossess their car. Caller ID can be used in some very creative ways to trap your debtor. Most expert skip tracers use a caller ID trap line to find even the most difficult skips.

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2010 CARSOA Convention

CARSOA, The Contingent Asset Recovery Specialists of America hosted their 2010 repossessor's convention in Vancouver, BC last month. With over 100 vendors, 50 sponsoring repossession services, and representatives from over 200 different lending institutions, CARSOA considers the 2010 repossessor's convention to be a big success.

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Repossession Truck Maintenance

If you do not have the time to do regular maintenance on your repossession service trucks, what are you going to do when the trucks break down because of lack of basic maintenance? Repo Times has compiled some great maintenance tips collected from some of the repossession service industry leaders.

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Repossession Moratoriums

Most repossession service companies have a moratorium on repossessions during the week of Christmas. Does this mean that you can't repossess any vehicles during the repossession moratorium?

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Voluntary Repossessions

A long time ago, in a land far away, a banker called a debtor and told them that they are sending a repossession service to come pick up their car. The debtor said ok, and hung up the phone. If you believe in this fairy tail, you better go hang up your stockings and wait for Santa Claus.

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Repossession Cancelations

What is the proper way to cancel a repossession assignment once it has been faxed to a repossession service? Can you cancel a repossession assignment by leaving a voice mail? Wrong answers can cost your repossession service big money. Get the right answers here. More repossession news you can use.

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Repossession Acronyms

Working at a repossession service you will be exposed to many acronyms and abbreviations that you may be unfamiliar with. Many banks will send the repossession service printouts of their collection notes. Collection notes are also riddled with collection acronyms and collection abbreviations. Repo Times gives you news you can use with this collection of repossession service acronyms.

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Skip Tracing - Understanding Social Security numbers

Did you know that you can tell not only where a social security number was issued, but you can also tell when it was issued? There is a useful information for a skip tracer coded into every social security number. We have compiled all of the necessary data here in one place for you to completely decode a social security number.

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