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Skip Tracing With Caller ID

Caller ID can be used as an excellent tool to skip trace individuals you are attempting to repossess. Face it, you have to know where your debtor lives or works if you are going to repossess their car. Caller ID can be used in some very creative ways to trap your debtor. Most expert skip tracers use a caller ID trap line to find even the most difficult skips.

So how can you find your skip by using caller ID? You call skips mom and leave her a message that you have a rebate check for skip. Ask her if she could give your name and number to skip and ask him to call. You leave her your name number and extension.

When the debtor calls your trap line they hear a recording that asks them to enter the extension of the party they are trying to reach. You assign each skip their own extension so that when someone calls and enters extension 5200 you know exactly what skip is calling, and you are also provided their telephone number.

The caller ID trap line will send them to a voicemail allowing them to leave a voice message, if they wish. It doesn't matter if they leave a message or not, you already have their phone number, and you know who they are because of the extension they entered.

Call ID Skip TracingObviously you can get a lot more creative when leaving the message with mom. If you know your skip is a carpenter, you can claim to have a carpentry job for him.

So where can you get a trap line that does all of this? There are many providers of caller ID trap lines. Universal Communications of Colorado are the innovators of caller ID trap lines used for the skip tracing, debt collection, bounty hunting, and repossession industries.

Universal Communications has a great online interface where you can monitor incoming call data. They will even trap the phone number if the person has their caller ID data blocked. Universal Communications can be reached through their web site:

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