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Welcome to

Welcome to the third edition of We are the first news source of the repossession industry. Our timely articles include important repossession law changes that effect the repossession service industry and current events that are relevant to the repossession service industry. has received some great positive feedback from the repossession service industry on our first two editions of Repo-Times. We are striving to bring you important information and well written articles on the issues effecting the repossession service industry.

Subscribe now for free and post comments on news articles and letters to the Editor. We want to have an open dialogue on the repossession service industry and look forward to receiving thoughts, suggestions, and ideas from anyone in the repossession service industry.

We hope you enjoy our third edition, and look forward to providing you interesting articles on the repossession service industry for years to come. Next issue we are going to cover more skip tracing tips and repossession service management techniques.

Repossession Definitions

At the suggestion of a subscriber, Repo Times has added a Repossession service dictionary containing common repossession terms and definitions. Our articles will contain links to the repossession dictionary, where appropriate. Repo Times is also working on a debt collections and repossession service listing of common acronyms used in the collections and repossession service industry.

Repossession Service Dictionary

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Keeping Repo Customers

So you have some quality customers for your repossession service. You worked hard to get repossession assignments from these lenders. What can you do to keep your lenders sending you their best repossession assignments?

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Hold Harmless that Don't

There are some shady lenders that are sending repossession services hold harmless agreements that do not hold the repossessor harmless, instead they are worded that the repossession service is agreeing to hold the lender harmless.

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License Plate Scanners

The technology available to repossession services is finally entering the 21st century. Automatic license plate scanners are now available from several different vendors. What is an automatic license plate scanner and how is this new technology going to make your repossession service more money?

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So You Want to be a Repo man

Most repossession services will only hire someone with experience in the repossession service industry. How do can you get experience in the repossession service industry if no one will hire you with out experience?

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Replevin Actions

Most repossessors know that a replevin is a court ordered seizure of collateral. Most repossession agents do not realize that there are two different types of replevin actions that can be filed in court. What are the two types of replevin actions and which one is right for your situation?

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Skip Tracing - Warranty Records

Have you ever checked vehicle warranty records on a car you are trying to locate for repossession? Checking vehicle warranty records is a great way to develop leads on cases you are otherwise stuck on. So where and how do you get warranty records?

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