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Welcome to

Welcome to the second edition of We are the first news source of the repossession industry. Our timely articles include important repossession law changes that effect the repossession service industry and current events that are relevant to the repossession service industry. has received some great positive feedback from the repossession service industry on our first edition of Repo-Times. We are striving to bring you important information and well written articles on the state of the repossession service industry.

Subscribe now for free and post comments on news articles and letters to the Editor. We want to have an open dialogue on the repossession service industry and look forward to receiving thoughts, suggestions, and ideas from anyone in the repossession service industry.

We hope you enjoy our second edition, and look forward to providing you interesting articles on the repossession service industry for years to come. Next issue we are going to cover automatic license plate scanners and their effect on the repossession service industry.

Skip Tracing Resources

What's the difference between a good repossession service and a great repossession service? Skip Tracing. The ability to repossess cars that your competitor's can't find is usually all that separates the good repossessors from the great repossessors.

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Repo Times has a new look has a new logo and look for our web site. We hired a team of designers and looked and hundreds of new logo ideas.

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Finding New Repo Customers

So you want to expand your repossession service. Where do you find quality new customers? How do you approach them? We have all the tips you need to grow your repossession service one quality customer at a time.

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Debtor's Personal Property

What do you do when you repossess a vehicle and find illegal items, such as guns, drugs or weapons in the personal property that was left in the vehicle when you repossessed it?

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Negotiating Surrender

Some repossession agents are able to negotiate surrender of vehicles much more effectively than others. We interviewed some of the best repossession agents from across the nation and have compiled their best negotiating tips they had to offer.

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GoJacks, a Repossessor's Best Friend

GoJacks have become a necessity to any modern repossession service. What are GoJacks? Why do you need them? We have all of the info you need on GoJacks right here.

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Repossession Storage Rates

Repossession storage rates vary greatly across the USA. Many repossessors charge the bank one price, and the debtor a much higher rate if he redeems their repossessed car. Are your repossession storage rates in line with your local competition?

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Abandoned Repossessions Part Two

In the last issue of Repo Times we discussed ways to prevent lenders from abandoning collateral on you repossession lot. Abandoned Repossessions Part One In this issue of Repo Times we are going to discuss: How do you handle repossessed vehicles that have already been left on your repossession storage lot?

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