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Repo Law Dog

Repo Law Dog is a featured column in Repo-Times where we will discuss laws that affect the repossession service industry.

In this issue of Repo Law Dog we discuss how to deal with illegal items that you find in a car you have repossessed. It may not seem like an important issue, but if you do something wrong you could find your repossession service in a lot of trouble.

Please email Repo Law Dog if you have any suggestions for future repossession law discussions. We look forward to answering your toughest repossession law questions. We obviously can't answer every question we receive, however we will try to answer as many repossession law questions as possible.

Repo Times will not answer questions for consumers looking to avoid repossession, or deadbeats trying to rip off a lender. You owe the money, pay the bill, or surrender the collateral.

Repo Law Dog does not offer legal advice, or attempt to practice law in any way. Repo Times has established an open forum where legal issues pertaining to the repossession service industry can be discussed with other repossession service professionals. Please consult with your company attorney before implementing any changes in the way your repossession service does business.

Repo Times, it's publishers and advertisers are not responsible for anything you do with any information you obtain from Repo Times. Again, consult with your attorney before making any changes to the way your repossession service conducts repossessions.

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