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GoJacks, a Repossessor's Best Friend

GoJacks have become a necessity to any modern repossession service. What are GoJacks? Why do you need them? We have all of the info you need on GoJacks right here.

Repossession Service GoJack

GoJacks are a portable wheel lift jack that is mounted on casters. You roll the GoJack under the tire and pump the tire off the ground using the foot pump. Once you have a GoJack under all four tires, one person can push the car in any direction they want, even sideways.

Repossession Service GoJack in use

So how does a GoJack help you repossess cars? First of all, one GoJack won't do much to help you repossess anything. You need a set of four GoJacks to assist your repossession services. GoJacks are a great way to repossess a car that is parallel parked and you can't get a tow truck up to the front of the car.

GoJacks are also very useful in repossessing vehicles that are in parking garages and the repossession truck is to tall to get into the parking garage. Be careful that the car doesn't get rolling too fast down the incline ramps. Hope that you do not have to go up any ramps in order to get out of the parking garage. Either way you are not going to be able to control the vehicle by yourself if you are taking it out of a parking garage. Bring at least one or two helpers along to assist you with the repossession.

Some repossession services use GoJacks to move a vehicle that is blocking in the vehicle to be repossessed. They GoJack the blocking vehicle out of their way in the driveway, then repossess the car that was being blocked in. Once they are done they push the blocker vehicle back to where it was, take their GoJacks and leave. The debtors are left mystified as to how the repossession service was able to repossess their car when they had it blocked in so tightly.

There could be legal issues in GoJacking a car that you do not have a repossession order on. Check with your company attorney before you put a GoJack on a vehicle you do not have a repossession order.

Costs for one repossession GoJack range from $150 to $300. There is only one manufacturer so the dealer markup varies greatly, shop around. Normally you will get a better deal if you are buying a set of four.

What's your opinion?

Reader Comments:

Franklin says: Be very careful using GoJacks on a hill or incline like in a parking garage. The car can get moving very fast rolling down the hill. Chain the car frame to your repossession truck and you can lower it down the hill easily. A friend of mine got hurt bad trying to use GoJacks on a hill by himself. Always use at least one helper when using GoJacks to repossess a car on a hill.

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