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Skip Tracing - Warranty Records

Have you ever checked vehicle warranty records on a car you are trying to locate for repossession? Checking vehicle warranty records is a great way to develop leads on cases you are otherwise stuck on. So where and how do you get warranty records?

Checking warranty records is an excellent skip tracing tool when you are out of leads on a repossession assignment and have no idea where to find the vehicle you are trying to repossess. You will find that this technique works better on exotic cars like Mercedes, Volvo and Audi, than your Ford, Chevy, and Chryslers.

So how do you get to access warranty records? Call the local dealership and ask for their service department. Explain to the service department that you work for the lien holder trying to locate this vehicle for repossession. You were told that the vehicle you are looking for was in their dealership for service work. They will ask you for the VIN number and check their computer and see if the vehicle has been in for service.

Repossession Skip TracingWhile they have the vehicle up on their screen, ask them when the last time it was brought in for service, who brought it in, and what address and phone numbers they had provided. Most dealerships will openly provide you with the information you are asking for.

It is also good to ask them if the database they are checking is only for their specific dealership or if all of the dealerships nationwide are networked. Many of the luxury dealers like Mercedes are networked. If you can get one dealership to check their records, you are actually searching the entire USA.

The art of skip tracing is not in knowing the answers, it is the ability to ask the right questions.

What's your opinion?

Reader Comments:

RepoRick says: I have used warranty records to skip trace vehicles for repossession with great success. It works great when you are out of leads for skip tracing.

MikeC says: I just checked warranty records on an Audi I have been trying to repossess for 6 months. I scored a new driver's name, address and phone number. I am on my way to repossess the Audi now.
Thanks Repo Times!

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