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Repossession Service Acronyms

Working at a repossession service you will be exposed to many acronyms and abbreviations that you may be unfamiliar with. Many banks will send the repossession service printouts of their collection notes. Collection notes are also riddled with collection acronyms and collection abbreviations. Repo Times gives you news you can use with this collection of repossession service acronyms.

ATP - Arrangements To Pay

BIF - Balance In Full

CKED - Checked

CS - Cosigner

D - Debtor

DISCO - Disconnected

DKD - Doesn't Know Debtor

HA - Home Address

LL - Landlord

MFDU - Multi Family Dwelling Unit

NBY - Nearby or Neighbor

NS- No Show

OU - Our Unit

PD - Police Department

PIF - Paid In Full

POE - Place of Employment

PTP - Promise To Pay

Repo - Slang for Repossession

SFDU - Single Family Dwelling Unit

TRBZ - Telephoned Residence, BZ

TRNA - Telephoned Residence, No Answer

TT - Talked To

UD - Update or Updated Customer

If you have any suggestions for our repossession service acronym list, please email them to us. We will also add any debt collection acronyms or abbreviations that you would like to suggest to Repo Times.

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