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Skip Tracing - Understanding Social Security Numbers: Part 2

Did you know that you can tell not only where a social security number was issued, but you can also tell when it was issued? There is a useful information for a skip tracer coded into every social security number. We have compiled all of the necessary data here in one place for you to completely decode a social security number.

In the last issue of Repo Times, We covered some of the basics of decoding a social security number showing you how to determine what state issued any given social security number. This issue we are going to cover how to determine what year a social security number was issued.

This may not seem very important to many repossessors, however, you can't repossess the collateral if you can't find your debtors. You may even uncover frauds that your client was unaware took place.

Repossession Skip TraceSo how can you determine what year a social security number was issued? Plug your social security number into this web site. Once you know what year your debtor's social security number was issued, compare it to the debtor's year of birth. If you find that the social security number was issued after the date of birth the social security number, and date of birth are not in conflict and there is not an indication of fraud.

If you find that the social security number was issued before the debtors date of birth, you can bet your paycheck that the information provided to the lender is fraudulent, or there was a typographical error when the lender entered the information into their computer. Ask the lender for a copy of the original loan application and double check for accuracy before you accuse the debtor of fraud.
If you believe you have uncovered a fraud, you should let your client know immediately before preceding with the repossession assignment. The lender may ask you, the repossession service to involve the police to assist in repossessing the fraudulently obtained collateral.

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