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Skip Tracing - Understanding Social Security Numbers: Part 1

Did you know that you can tell not only where a social security number was issued, but you can also tell when it was issued? There is a useful information for a skip tracer coded into every social security number. We have compiled all of the necessary data here in one place for you to completely decode a social security number.

Almost every skip tracer knows that you can tell where a social security number was issued by the first three digits of the social security number. The middle two digits indicate the year the social security number was issued. The last four digits are sequentially issued in the order of the social security number applications that are processed.

So how does knowing the year that a social security number help you skip trace individuals you are trying to repossess? By identifying potentially fraudulent loans that have not been previously identified. Individuals that have committed social security number fraud should be reported to law enforcement and perhaps solicit their help in repossessing your collateral.

How can knowing what year a social security number was issued help identify fraud? Simple, if the social security number was issued 10 years before the individual was born you can be quite certain that you have identified a social security number fraud. in this case you have probably identified an individual using their parents social security number fraudulently.

The following table shows what state issued a social security number based on the first three digits of a social security number.

Social Security Number State Issued
001-003 New Hampshire
004-007 Maine
008-009 Vermont
010-034 Massachusetts
035-039 Rhode Island
040-049 Connecticut
050-134 New York
135-158 New Jersey
159-211 Pennsylvania
212-220 Maryland
221-222 Delaware
223-231 Virginia
232-236 West Virginia
232, 237-246 North Carolina
247-251, 654-658 South Carolina
252-260, 667-675 Georgia
261-267, 589-595 Florida
268-302 Ohio
318-361 Indiana
318-361 Illinois
362-386 Michigan
387-399 Wisconsin
400-407 Kentucky
408-415 Tennessee
416-424 Alabama
425-428 Mississippi
429-432 Arkansas
433-439 Louisiana
440-448 Oklahoma
449-467, 627-645 Texas
468-477 Minnesota
478-485 Iowa
486-500 Missouri
501-502 North Dakota
503-504 South Dakota
505-508 Nebraska
509-515 Kansas
516-517 Montana
518-519 Idaho
520 Wyoming
521-524 Colorado
525, 585, 648-649 New Mexico
526-527, 600-601 Arizona
528-529, 646-647 Utah
530, 680 Nevada
531-539 Washington
540-544 Oregon
545-573, 602-626 California
574 Alaska
575-576 Hawaii
577-579 D.C.
580 Virgin Islands
580-584, 596-599 Puerto Rico
586 American Somoa
586 Philippine Islands
700-728 Railroad Board

As you can see, individuals from the East coast have lower first three digits of their social security numbers than people on the West coast. Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and the US virgin Islands are the exceptions.

In 1935 the Social Security Act established the social security number prefixes 700-728 for railroad workers. This stopped in 1963 and railroad workers are now issued standard social security numbers like everyone else.

In the next issue of Repo Times we will cover part two of Skip Tracing, Understanding Social Security Numbers.

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