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Welcome to

Welcome to the sixth edition of We are less than a year old and growing with every new issue of Repo Times.

Repo Times is the first news source of the repossession service industry. Our timely repossession service news articles include important repossession law changes that effect the repossession service industry and current news events that are relevant to the repossession service industry. has received some great positive feedback from the repossession service industry on our first four editions of Repo-Times online news. We are working hard to bring the repossession service important information and well written news articles on the issues effecting the repossession service industry.

Subscribe now to Repo Times for free and post comments on news articles and letters to the Editor. We want to have an open dialogue on the repossession service industry news and look forward to receiving thoughts, suggestions, and ideas from anyone in the repossession service industry.

We hope you enjoy our sixth edition of our online repossession service news, and look forward to providing you interesting articles on the repossession service industry for years to come. In the next issue of Repo Times we are going to cover more skip tracing tips and repossession service asset remarketing.

Repossession Service Field Calls

Some lenders have begun insisting their repossession service go to the debtor's home or work and demand up to date payments. There have been several law suits against lenders and repossession services that the courts have determined repossession service field calls are illegal. Courts have determined that repossession service field calls are a violation on the Fair Debt Collection practices act.

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Utah Recovery, Utah's Largest Repossession Service

Utah Recovery is Utah's largest repossession service with over 40 repossession service trucks on the hunt in Utah. They offer contingent repossession services across the state of Utah. All of Utah Recovery's repossession service trucks are equipped with license plate scanners and GPS tracking. They put an emphasis on customer service and strive to repossess your collateral in a fast and safe manner.

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Updating Your Repossession Service Customer

Short of repossessing their collateral, an intelligent update is the best move you can make to improve your customer service. The lender has no idea what is happening with their repossession assignment and they count on you, the repossession service to let them know what is going on with their repossession assignment.

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Skip Tracing Liability

Are you aware that if your skip tracing service breaks the law that you may be held liable for their illegal actions? It's true and you may be exposing your repossession service to huge liabilities if your repossession service skip tracer is violating the law. Many skip tracers thumb their noses at recent changes in the laws governing skip tracing and can create a large liability for your repossession service.

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Repossessions and Color of Law

Did you know that if the police assist a repossessor in repossessing collateral that a court may make you give the collateral back? It's true and it has happened in several recent court cases. So what is "Color of Law"? Police are prohibited from interfering in a civil matter, if they do, it is called Color of law. Courts have ruled that police telling or inferring the debtor must give the collateral to the repossessor falls under color of law.

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Repossession Service Office Security

In today's armed and angry society, safety and security of your repossession service office personnel is paramount. Your repossession service office should be designed with security in mind. You cannot have debtors walking around in common areas of your repossession service. You must have a lobby area with a window to interact with the debtors, preferably, a bullet proof window like you see at so many gas stations and banks today.

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Speedy Repo - Repossession Service

Speedy Repo is one of the largest nationwide repossession services that specializes in difficult repossession assignments. Speedy Repo will accept repossession assignments that other repossession services have given up on finding or repossessing the collateral. They are a contingent repossession service that charges 10% to 25 % of the collateral value for any successful repossession.

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Training Your Repossession Service Agents

Repossession services are using Repo Times to train their repossession service agents. Nick Caruso, repossession service manager of Carolina Adjusters picks a different article from Repo Times every week and holds a training session and discussion with all of his repossession service agents. Nick says he likes to hold his repossession service training on Friday's just before paychecks are handed out, just to make sure everyone is there.

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