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Updating Your Repossession Service Customer

Short of repossessing their collateral, an intelligent update is the best move you can make to improve your customer service. The lender has no idea what is happening with their repossession assignment and they count on you, the repossession service agent to let them know what is going on with their repossession assignment.

Repossesion Service UpdatesSo what exactly is an intelligent repossession service update? Call your client and speak to them, no voice mails, faxes or emails. Let the lender know what addresses you are running and what you are seeing at these addresses. Don't ever lie to your customer, with Google earth it is too easy for a lender to see exactly what is at each address.

It is also important to lay out your future plans for successfully repossessing their collateral. For example: There is a garage at the home address and we cannot see in the garage. I plan to be there tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM to see what is coming out of the debtors garage. I will knock and demand the collateral tomorrow evening if I am unable to find anything tomorrow morning.

As a repossession service agent you should update all of your customers at least once a week. Mornings are usually the best time to reach your repossession service customer. Find a quiet place without any background noise and call all of your repossession service customers with a good positive update on their repossession assignment.

Most successful repossession service agents find that the lender holds the key to successfully locating and repossessing the collateral. Ask your lender intelligent questions: What phone number are you reaching the debtor at? Has anyone else contacted you regarding this account? Can you send me a copy of the debtor's credit application and refrences?

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