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Repossession Letters to the Editor

Here is a forum for anyone in the repossession service industry to get up on their soap box and let the world know what really annoys them, or whatever is on their mind regarding repossessions or the repossession industry.

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I highly recommend Repo Times news to every repossession service. They have interesting repossession service news and informative repossession service information that will help make you a better repossession service agent.


Jack Wilson
Utah Recovery

I would like to thank Repo Times for filling a huge void in the repossession service industry. The repossessor news forums that are currently in existence are very biased and woe be tide you if you speak up on an issue that might provoke some real discussion, thought and reform of the problems plaguing the repossession service industry.

Good Luck!
Nick Caruso
Carolina Adjusters

Wow, why has no one else stepped up to the plate and filled this void before? What a great idea! I would like to see future articles on repossession tips and tricks. The Repo Law Dog article this month was very informative and helpful.

Keep Up the Good Work,
Jay Carter
Atlanta Repo

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