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Repossession Discussion Board

Welcome to discussion board. We are working to improve our format, but for now everything works and that is more important to us than a flashy web site that does not function properly.

Repossession discussion board rules:

No profanity will be allowed on our repossession discussion board.

No flaming or name calling on our repossession discussion board. You can disagree with anyone you want to, but lets keep the debates professional.

Keep the subject matter on the repossessions, or repossession law, or at least things related to repossessions.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any post that does not comply with our standards.

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Repossession Discussions

Why don't most repossessors do private party repossessions?

What is a standard storage rate repossessors charge for a repossessed car.

Can a repossessor repossess a vehicle for a creditor with a judgment?

Can the repossessor sell a repossessed car?

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