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Repossession Service Office Security

In today's armed and angry society, safety and security of your repossession service office personnel is paramount. Your repossession service office should be designed with security in mind. You cannot have debtors walking around in common areas of your repossession service. You must have a lobby area with a window to interact with the debtors, preferably, a bullet proof window like you see at so many gas stations and banks today.

Repossession Service SecurityA high security door with an electric lock should separate your lobby from the rest of your repossession service office. The button that unlocks the security door should be out of view from any debtor standing in the lobby of your repossession service. The security door should open outward, into the lobby, this helps prevent someone from kicking in the door, or at least helps slow your crazed debtor down until the police arrive.

High visibility video surveillance cameras with recorders are also a great deterrent to any debtor that wants to go ballistic in your repossession service office. Cameras should cover all sides of your repossession service office exterior. If possible you should also have cameras covering the lobby, but not in the lobby. Place a big sign in your repossession service lobby notifying debtors to "Smile, You are on Camera!"

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