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Training Your Repossession Service Agents

Repossession services are using Repo Times to train their repossession service agents. Nick Caruso, repossession service manager of Carolina Adjusters picks a different article from Repo Times every week and holds a training session and discussion with all of his repossession service agents. Nick says he likes to hold his repossession service training on Friday's just before paychecks are handed out, just to make sure everyone is there.

Repossession Service Agent TrainingTraining your repossession service staff can not only increase the number of repossessions, it will also decrease the number of complaints and lawsuits. The repossession service industry is complex and ever changing. A repossession service that does not actively train their repossession service staff will eventually go out of business. Properly trained repossession service staff are your best defense against complaints and frivolous lawsuits.

Repo Times has informative news articles and changes in repossession service laws that you must stay up to date with. Repo U also offers repossession service agent training programs that will help ensure your repossession service is fully compliant with the complex rules, regulations, and laws that govern the repossession service industry.

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Reader Comments:

Anthony Says: Repo Times is a great training tool for repo men or anyone in the repossession service industry!

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