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Welcome to Repo Times News

Welcome to the seventh edition of We provide news and information for the repossession service industry.

Repo Times is the first news source of the repossession service industry. Our timely repossession service news articles include important repossession law changes that effect the repossession service industry and current news events that are relevant to the repossession service industry. has received some great positive feedback from the repossession service industry on our first six editions of Repo-Times online news. We are working hard to bring the repossession service important information and well written news articles on the issues effecting the repossession service industry.

Subscribe now to Repo Times for free and post comments on news articles and letters to the Editor. We want to have an open dialogue on the repossession service industry news and look forward to receiving thoughts, suggestions, and ideas from anyone in the repossession service industry.

We hope you enjoy our seventh edition of our online repossession service news, and look forward to providing you interesting articles on the repossession service industry for years to come. In the next issue of Repo Times we are going to cover more skip tracing tips and repossession service asset remarketing.

Repo Links is a directory of repossession service providers across the United States. They also have great listing of repossession tips and tricks that are very useful for repossession service providers. Repo Links also has a section of advanced skip tracing techniques for the repossession service community that are also a must read. Repo Links is also a good place to promote your repossession service for a discount price.

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Repossession Service Tip: How to find the factory color of the car you are trying to repossess

Is knowing the color of the car you are attempting to repossess important? You bet it is especially if you are trying to repossess the car from a large parking lot. You will get whiplash trying to look at every Ford Taurus, It would be very helpful if you knew you only had to look at the red ones. So how can a repossession service find the factory color for a car they are attempting to repossess?

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal body of law that defines how a creditor or their representatives may communicate with a debtor. In the repossession service industry there are many times where you are communicating with a debtor on behalf of their creditor, so the FDCPA is is a body of law every repossession service agent should know and understand.

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Repossession Service Complaint Boards

As you are probably aware there are numerous online complaint boards where anyone with a beef against a repossession service can post an online complaint. Some repossession services have been unfairly represented on the complaint boards by debtors, X employees, and competitors. So what can you do if your repossession service has been unfairly attacked on a repossession service complaint web site?

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Accessing Onstar and Lojack

If your collateral has Lojack or Onstar and you can't seem to find the car  you are trying to repossess you may be able to access the GPS information from Onstar or Lojack to locate your collateral. You can't do it on every repossession assignment you have, but you can access it on some cases where you are stuck. Follow the link to see how and when you can.

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How to Save Money on Fuel Costs for Your Repossession Service Trucks

Fuel costs are one of the largest expenses a repossession service has to deal with. rising fuel costs are a problem for every repossession service today. So how can you combat rising fuel costs and keep your prices competitive? Repo Times has compiled a few good ideas to save fuel and money for your repossession service.

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Repossession Service Locksmiths

Many repossession services are outsourcing their repossession service locksmith needs to outside companies. With every vehicle manufacturer changing their key formats every year it is more cost effective to outsource their locksmith services as opposed to making their repossession service keys in house. What are the advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing your repossession locksmith services?

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