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Speedy Repo - Repossession Service

Speedy Repo is one of the largest nationwide repossession services that specializes in difficult repossession assignments. Speedy Repo will accept repossession assignments that other repossession services have given up on finding or repossessing the collateral. They are a contingent repossession service that charges 10% to 25 % of the collateral value for any successful repossession.

Speedy Repo, Repossession ServiceCharging off your loan balance without recovering your collateral is one of the worst situations a lender can face. Speedy Repo can help, if your regular repossessor has told you that they can't find your collateral, please consider Speedy Repo repossession services. If they don't recover your collateral you owe them nothing.

Speedy Repo is successful where other repossession services have failed due to their expert skip tracing and they employ the best repossession service agents. They are equipped with the best repossession service technology available today.

Speedy Repo is equipped to handle any repossession assignment, large or small they can repossess it all. Speedy Repo does not want to be the first repossession service you use, but once your regular repossession service tells you they have given up, please consider Speedy Repo for all of your difficult repossession assignments.

What's your opinion?

Reader Comments:

BankerBob Says: I have used Speedy Repo for years when our regular repossession service is unable to locate my collateral and repossess it. I saw that Speedy Repo has complaints listed on several of the online complaint web sites stating that Speedy Repo charged them much more than they expected. When I first called Speedy Repo for a price on a repossession they were upfront and completely explained their performance based pricing for their repossession service. I sent them an extremely difficult repossession assignment (I was almost certain that they would not be able to find and repossess my collateral.) Two days later they had a condition report and invoice on my fax. I have used Speedy Repo for dozens of repossession assignments over the years and they have always performed better than expected. Yes, they do charge more than most mom and pop repossession services, but in the long run they are worth every bit of what they charge. I highly recommend Speedy Repo for any difficult repossession assignment you may have.

Sincerely, Bob Livingston

RepoRick Says: The online complaint boards are unfair to repossession services since any disgruntled debtor can post any derogatory comments without any check and balance. I have called Speedy Repo and asked what they charge for their repossession service just to see if the online complaints I had read on them were true. Speedy Repo completely explained their contingent fee structure and they were happy to answer any questions I had on their repossession service. I personally do not believe any of the online complaints listed against Speedy Repo.


DonMeister Says: The repossession service I work for forwarded a repossession assignment to Speedy Repo. They repossessed the vehicle right away, but then charged our client $1,450. for the towing and contingent fee. One of the ladies in our office called Speedy Repo and asked what they charge. I believe they told her what they charge, she said she didn't know what a contingent fee based on the collateral value meant. She never asked Speedy Repo to explain to her what that meant. I called Speedy Repo several times and asked them what they charge and each time they told me they charge a contingent fee of 10% to 25% of the collateral value. I honestly don't believe Speedy Repo was trying to pull a fast one, my secretary just should have asked when she didn't know what a contingent fee was.


SusanG Says: We had a similar problem with Speedy Repo. One of our collectors called them and asked the pricing, she only heard the Speedy Repo sales representative say $350. We got an invoice for $1,725. We called to complain and the manager played a recording of our collector calling them and asking Speedy Repo what they charge. Sure enough they told her $350 for the tow, plus keys, plus 10% to 25% of the collateral value. Speedy Repo was accommodating and offered us a discount on the bill. We paid it and got our car to auction right away. We have since started using Speedy Repo on a regular basis when we are about to charge off the loan and we have been unable to repossess the collateral using other repossession services. Speedy Repo almost always recovers our car. Yes, they charge a little more, but in the long run they always make us money.


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