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Dealing with Irate Individuals

When in the course of working for a repossession service it is inevitable that you are going to have to deal with irate individuals that just got their car repossessed. Here are some effective suggestions for dealing with irate individuals.

Let's face it as repossession professionals we are going face to face with more irate individuals that just about any other profession. Being able to handle an irate individual and lead them to a more calm state of mind is a necessary skill to have as a repossession agent.

You have to understand that the irate individual knows that they are in the wrong. They know they should have made their car payment. They know if they hadn't bought any beer or cigarettes last month they could have made 2 car payments. The debtor is just being defensive and feels cornered as they know they are about to have their vehicle repossessed, or they just had their vehicle repossessed.

It is important for you to remain calm, despite the debtors anger. Don't lower yourself to their level and roll around in the mud with them. Every time they raise their voice, lower yours, even if you have to whisper. The key is to make them realize that you are not threatening them, you are only doing your job.

If the debtor is at your office picking up their personal property since you have already repossessed their vehicle, you then have total control. Advise the debtor that if they do not tone it down and be polite you are going to ask them to leave. If they do not comply, call 911 and tell the police you have asked them to leave and they refuse.

If the debtor is belligerent, you are not required to put up with their abuse. UPS their personal property back to them C.O.D. forcing the debtor to pay for the shipping. C.O.D. is one of the most expensive ways to ship anything.

If you have a confrontation with a debtor in their driveway while in the process of repossessing their car it is best to remain calm. Make them understand you are only doing your job. The banker is the one who ordered the repossession. You have to take their car, they can get their personal property from the vehicle if they give you their keys.

For more information on driveway confrontations, please see our article on Negotiating Surrender.

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